Cloth Diaper Changing Station

Cloth Diaper Changing Table Set-up

When I first started looking into and preparing for cloth diapering, I was really interested to see how others set up their changing stations, or stored and organized their cloth diaper supplies. So for those that might be curious, here's our cloth diaper set-up on a changing table.

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1. Cloth diaper covers.

In the top basket, we have 8 diaper covers. There's usually one airing out on the edge of the changing table (no rinsing or spritzing, just airing out) and one on baby, which rotates at each diaper change. If the cover starts smelling like pee or gets poop on it, then it's tossed in the diaper pail (see below) and a new one brought into rotation.

Prefold Cloth Diaper Organization // Changing Table Set-Up

2. Cloth wipes, diaper rash cream, snappis, and baking soda in shaker.

In the bottom basket, we have 45+ baby wash cloths that we use for wipes, a glass shaker that holds baking soda, 3 snappis (not shown because they fall to the bottom), and cloth-friendly diaper rash cream. The wipes get thrown in the diaper pail with the dirty diaper. We wet them in the sink as needed, and 2 clean up even the messiest of diapers. California Baby is our current preferred diaper rash cream. There hasn't really been any diaper rash problems yet, but California Baby takes care of any red and hasn't been an issue on our prefolds. Plus it smells good :) The baking soda in the shaker is shaken into the diaper pail after a poopy diaper is thrown in to help absorb odor.

3. Small (GMD yellow-edge) prefolds.

In the cream fabric cube, we have 24 small prefolds. The small work great Snappied on our 15-pound 3-month-old, and also trifolded in a cover for our 28-pound 3-year-old at night. 24 prefolds initially lasted us 2 days in the first couple weeks of use. Now we can go about 3 days between washes.

4. Newborn (GMD orange-edge) prefolds.

In the green fabric cube, we have 12 newborn prefolds. Knowing baby would quickly grow past the newborn/extra small prefolds (or, apparently, be too big for them right from the get-go), we only bought 12 of those. The extra small would have been great on an average size newborn (less than 9 pounds), but weren't really necessary on our whopping 11-pound-newborn. How could we have known :) I'm still glad we got them. These get folded and stored separate from our other prefolds. We have a spitter so their absorbency makes them perfect burp cloths. They also fit perfectly trifolded into a cover. Although poop gets on (but surprisingly doesn't escape past) the cover with the trifold option, so it's not our preferred use.

5. Diaper pail and liner.

The diaper pail is a Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner in a regular ol' kitchen trashcan. There is a lid we could put on, but anytime we do, stink becomes a problem. Go figure. We leave the pail open, stink-problem solved. Pail liner gets washed with diapers.

Is this simple changing table set-up enough?

Initially I wondered if I needed a wipes solution or baby powder or extra this and that. I decided to start simple and mix it up as needed. So far, this system and set-up has been working great for us with no bells and whistles needed. I love keeping it simple!


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  1. Wow, that is amazing! You are fully prepared!

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing your tips and organization!

    I'm gonna go see if you made a post about washing your diapers! I have some GMD medium and an HE whirlpool duet and am having some issues. They come out clean in the wash but when drying there is a musty smell...

    1. I have a post on washing here:

      In my cloth-preparation I read about people that had issues with HE washers and cloth. Do a Google search or ask on a cloth diaper board. I remember seeing lots of people that found solutions, but it didn't relate to me so I didn't retain the information ;)

  3. Hi what is the baking soda for?

    1. I used baking soda in a shaker to sprinkle over dirty diapers in the diaper pail. It helped absorb odors. Between the baking soda and leaving the pail open to air out, we didn't have any stink issues.