Final Weeks + Hospital Bag Checklists

Hospital Bag + Final Weeks Checklists

It's true, I've gone a little checklist crazy with this pregnancy.

I've probably always gone checklist crazy, just this time I have printable PDFs instead of miscellaneous notebook paper scribbled on everywhere. So, to wrap up the checklist craze--you know, before I finally get busy completing the checklists--I have two more to share with you.


Final Weeks of Pregnancy Checklist

Final Weeks Checklist

The final weeks seem to drag on. (Although, in hindsight, they actually speed by.) Rather than getting frustrated over failed attempts to naturally induce (because those only work when baby is ready), there is plenty to be doing before thrown into postpartum recovery, sleepless nights, and newborn diapers (that need changed 12 times a day).

Here are the things on my final weeks checklist...


  • start file for medical bills/papers
  • print hospital checklist (below)
  • purchase supplies from list
  • pack hospital bag
  • print + prepare birth notes/preferences
  • use birth stretches and meditations daily
  • create play list
  • charge camera, phone, music-player
  • clear camera's memory card
  • plan care for pets/kids


  • print new baby checklist
  • purchase supplies from list
  • clean used baby items
  • pack diaper bag
  • finalize name and spelling
  • start file for baby's essential papers


  • clean sheets
  • set up bed/crib/bassinet
  • wash + put away clothes
  • set up diaper changing station


  • freeze a meal or a few
  • stock up on easy prep foods
  • wash dishes daily
  • clean/organize a bothersome area
  • stock up on household items

Cloth Diapering


  • pedicure (after 37-39 weeks)
  • date night or babymoon
  • buy + wrap big sibling gift(s)
  • write thank you notes
  • take maternity photos
  • write or update will
  • plan outing(s) with family + friends

Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist

There actually isn't much beyond some comfy clothes and personal cosmetics that is needed in the hospital bag, but it's worth checking through the list for the essentials. And if you're gonna pack a bag anyway, why not throw in a few "nice-to-haves" as space allows.

Here is what's on my hospital bag list...

For Mom // carry-on

Labor + Delivery:
items that might be nice to have through labor
  • insurance card + ID
  • birth notes + reminders
  • tennis ball or massager
  • warm/cool pack
  • music + play list
  • favorite cup for crushed ice
  • chapstick
  • massage/essential oil(s)
  • camera, memory card, charger
  • phone + charger
  • drink + snacks for partner
items that might be nice to have through hospital stay and/or recovery at home
*the hospital will/might provide some of these items
  • witch hazel pads*
  • epsom salts
  • sitz bath*
  • pads*
  • numbing spray*
  • makeup remover towelettes
  • soap, DO, toothbrush/paste
  • minimal makeup bag
  • nursing pads (2-4 sets)
  • nursing tanks (2)
  • nursing bras (2)
  • undies (2-4)
  • rob / PJs
  • socks, slippers
  • yoga/sweat pants (2)
  • sweater/sweatshirt
  • going home outfit
  • notebook + pen

Baby // diaper bag

  • onesies or sleepers (2-4)
  • socks (2)
  • knit hat
  • going home outfit
  • nursing cover
  • burp cloths (4)
  • swaddling blankets
  • pacifiers
  • moisturizer
  • small zippered wet bag
  • diapers + wipes
  • cloth sling

Cloth Diapering

if cloth will be used in the hospital
  • newborn prefolds (24-36)
  • newborn/size 1 covers (6)
  • snappi (1-2)
  • cloth wipes (36+)
  • pail liner / large wet bag


  • infant carseat (installed in car)
  • nursing pillow
  • "it's been" timer
  • seasonal carseat cover
  • big sibling gift(s)

What did I miss? What's on your final weeks or hospital bag checklists?


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have two more weeks left and have been scratching my head wondering what I might be forgetting. So, I'll print out these checklists this afternoon and let them guide me. ;)