Pregnancy // third trimester

Pregnancy // all about the third trimester

Am I really almost to the end of this third pregnancy? I can hardly believe it. Here are a few of my favorites and tips for this season of pregnancy. I'd love for you to share yours in the comments below!


Third Trimester Favorites

Most of my favorite products from first and second trimesters are still relevant and still used regularly. Just three additions...

1. Tinted Moisturizer

I can't believe I didn't mention this in the first trimester post! Even when just taking a shower wipes me out, I put on Physician's Formula tinted moisturizer and feel so much better. It's not a perfect cover up, but it really makes a big difference for the few seconds it takes to apply. Often, I'm also able to do just a minute or two makeover like the 10-minute beauty I wrote about >> here. Little bit of effort for great results.

2. Sonic Ice

Every pregnant woman should know that Sonic has amazing ice. It's pellet ice that is so easy to crunch, especially in the warm months or if you're like the women in my family and crave ice in pregnancy. The best part? Sonic will sell you a whole bag of it for just $2!

3. Thank You Cards

Of course, it's that time to start writing thank you notes to the people already starting to shower this baby with love. There are so many great options. Some of my favorites are found in the dollar section of Target--perfect combo of cute and cheap.

Hello, Anemia

This time around, my 3rd trimester symptoms revolve around anemia. Lowered hemoglobin isn't uncommon in pregnancy or for vegetarians, and apparently the combination of the two hasn't been treating me well. I thought the shortness of breath, exhaustion and occasional lightheaded-ness were just an unpleasant way to wrap up this pregnancy. Turns out, they were all signs of anemia.

The iron prescribed to raise hemoglobin levels are known to be constipating, so stool softeners were more than recommended to me. I've found an even more pleasant solution has been natural iron sources found at stores like Whole Foods or other health food stores. They're much more pleasant on the stomach and non-constipating and effective. Who doesn't want that?

Of course, check with your health care provider because I am not a professional. At least know natural is an option if you're hoping to avoid the stool softener/constipation route. And start it sooner rather than later. At 36 weeks, I'm quickly running out of time to get levels back up before having baby which means looking into other solutions.

Killing Time

These last few months, and especially the last few weeks, are when I really start feeling like a watched pot that never boils. Or a ticking time bomb. Everyone (seriously, everyone) asks about the baby and how I'm feeling and if I'm ready. Basically, no I'm not, but could he please get out soon?

When I'm feeling particularly grouchy or negative, and as many mornings and evenings as I can, I have been using this time to refer to my Birth Notes sheet and using the ideas for stretches and meditation. This really helps give me an attitude adjustment and it's one small way to get my head and body in the game for relaxing when labor starts.

There's also fun videos >> here to watch to kill a little time :)

Ode to The Men's Shirt

Forget trying to look cute. For me, "fashion" in the last couple months of pregnancy is all about trying to get comfortable and avoid buying new clothes that will soon be obsolete. At this point, I make due with what I have using the items from second trimester (adjusted waste bands, loose dresses, stretchy pants, layering tops, maternity staples, and accessories when going out).

This time around, I also discovered a renewed love for my husband's shirts. This is now the third pregnancy I've taken his shirts, but it usually ends up being just for relaxing around the house when frumpy is okay. This time, I've turned a couple he didn't need anymore into shirts actually meant for me. Meaning big enough for belly, but tight enough around shoulders/chest/arms to feel less sloppy.

They also have the potential of being comfy shirts for post-baby too. We'll see.

See the mens-shirt-to-maternity-shirt tutorial >> here.


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