Cloth Diaper Supplies

Our full list of cloth diaper supplies: All of the products we recommend for cloth diapering with cotton prefolds and PUL diaper covers

Following are products we have used and recommend from our cloth diapering experience. For more posts, checkout the Cloth Diapering Checklist, see Prefolds + Covers 101, or browse archives for Cloth, Pregnancy, Baby and Beyond.

Cloth Diapering Products

For cloth diapers, we use covers and prefolds, and keep a pretty basic and low key (read: low cost) stash for birth through potty training. These are divided up into three categories: Products used throughout cloth diapering, those specific for infant or small infants, and those specific for larger infants and toddlers.

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Cloth Diaper Extras: Birth to Potty Training

These are the products we bought once at the beginning, and because of sizing (or lack of sizing) have been able to use through potty training.

Cloth Diapers: Birth to 6-ish Months

These are the products we bought to fit a smaller infant, and where to find them. There are lots of one-size options, but we chose these few smaller items to be less bulky on our newborn. See our stash post for birth-4 months >> here.

Cloth Diapers: 6-ish Months to Potty Training

These are the products we bought to fit throughout the cloth diapering journey, and where to find them. These items might have been a little bulky on (or not necessary for) a newborn. See our stash post for 6 months - toddler >> here.

Cloth Diaper Stores

There are lots of cloth diaper stores. Check out your local store (if you have one), because that's a great way to see the products and get a feel for what everything is. They might even have classes, get-togethers, or ways to buy discount or secondhand if you're interested. I used to have more online stores that I recommended checking out.

These days, however, Amazon now has all the supplies I listed above, which really simplifies the whole ordering online process. (I wish that was the case back when I shopped!) Even back in 2010, Amazon is where we got our SnappisPlanet Wise Pail Liner, and some Thirsties Duo Wraps. They now have Imagine Smart Fit Prefolds which is comparable to the GMD prefolds we used (below); so you really can get your entire cloth diaper stash through Amazon. They also have easy registry options.

Green Mountain Diapers is the only place to get Cloth-eez sized prefolds (most often called GMD prefolds). These are the only prefolds we've used, and love the sizing. If we were cloth diapering now, we'd likely try the Imagine Smart Fit Prefolds to eliminate one extra place to have to shop.

Target also has a growing offering of cloth diaper products. If you're looking into using Thirsties Duo WrapsgDiapers or a couple other brands, then you can add your cloth diaper needs to your Target Baby Registry, which is handy. This is where we've gotten things like storage cubes, Gerber training pants, our zippered wet bags, and diaper rash cream.


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