Our Toddler Cloth Diaper Stash

toddler prefold cloth diaper stash

I can't believe it's been 2 years since I wrote our last cloth diaper stash post. Our baby was 3-months-old at the time, and still using everything from his newborn stash (except the newborn prefolds; at 11 pounds, he was pretty much out of those at birth).

See how things compare in the products we've been using since our baby was about 7 months old (we took a cloth-diapering break from June to August 2011 while we moved and were homeless a couple months) until now at 2-years-old.

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Cloth Diaper Products 6 mos to 2 yrs...

1. 18 large prefolds (we ended up skipping the medium size)
2 | 6 Thirsties Duo Wraps, size 2

Cloth Diaper Products used since birth...

3. 1 pail liner (Planet Wise)
4. 3 snappis
5. 2 small zippered wet bags
6. 48 cloth wipes (baby wash cloths)
7. 3 hemp inserts (used to add absorbency for nights)

Products used specifically from birth through now cost around $55 new.
Products used specifically from about 6 months through now cost less than $130 new.

Biggest lesson I've learned on creating a cloth diaper stash...

Curiosity costs money.

You'll notice the one-size covers from our last stash are now out of rotation. We didn't buy any covers specifically for the fun prints in this size. And I got a Rumparooz that we didn't need, and I don't really like. I'm glad we bought 1 medium prefold to use for sizing, rather than stocking up on a whole stash. Having it on hand helped us make the decision to skip medium prefolds and go straight to large.

We would have done better to stick with the products we chose after doing the research (sized prefolds and Thirsties Duo wrap covers). We could have always explored other options if those weren't working, but they did and have worked great for us.

I feel like we still saved a lot of money, even with a little product experimenting. But I'm glad we didn't do anymore than we did, or that would have added up and wasted money.


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  1. Awesome post!! I love how minimal you are with your diapers.

    1. Thank you! I was a little nervous before we started because other people had such huge cloth diaper stashes. I'm happy to find that must've been their preference and isn't really necessary :)

  2. Great posts about both newborn and toddler stash! Really helpful and I am looking to get a very similar stash for my second baby (first one was in disposables). Minimal amount of covers and prefolds, enough for washing every other day would be fine. I don't want to spend more money on cloth diapers then I would on disposables. :)

    1. We were the same! Had first baby in disposables, and weren't sure if we'd have a third, so I wanted to be sure to spend as little as we could while still have a decent stash :)