Prefolds & Covers 101

Prefolds & Covers 101: how to change, wash, and use prefolds cloth diapers.

Prefolds and covers are one of the cheapest cloth diapering systems available along with many other benefits. This is the system we have used since our son was born January 2011, and is the basis for our experience shared on this blog.

This page is an archive of posts organized for those specifically wanting to learn more about the prefolds and diaper covers cloth diapering system.

Cloth Diapering with Prefolds and Covers

Benefits of Prefolds
Pul Diaper Covers Reviews
How to Prep Cotton Prefolds Before Use
How to Change a Prefold Diaper
How to Change a Trifolded Prefold Diaper
Our Cloth Diaper Stash: Birth to 6 Months
Our Cloth Diaper Stash: 6 Months to Toddler
How to Wash Cloth Diapers
How to Swish Poop Off a Prefold Diaper

Prefolds Love Profiles:
Interviews of parents using cloth diapers on their little cuties. They each use some combination of prefolds and covers, unless otherwise noted.

Noah & Kaden
Ethan & Connor
Abigail & Austin
Josiah & Lucia
Pieter (gDiapers)
Tariq (fuzzibunz)
Lily (homemade inserts)
A Dad's Perspective


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