Interview of a Cloth Diapering Dad

interview of my husband the cloth diaper user

So far in the Prefolds Love Profiles, I've interviewed moms about their perspective on cloth diapering. This leaves out the dad's perspective. Finally, I'll address the recurring question, "How in the world did you get your husband on board?"

I decided it'd be best to share his perspective in his words, so I interviewed him for a firsthand answer of how I convinced Daniel to cloth diaper.


What were your first thoughts on cloth diapers?

Poop, poop, poop.

What finally convinced you to agree to cloth diaper your baby?

Money, money, money. (And my wife's sweet seduction.)

What were you thinking during your first cloth diaper change?

This is more work than it needs to be.

What about the 100th cloth diaper change?

This isn't so bad.

men who are convinced to cloth diaper

What do you think when you're swishing a dirty diaper in the toilet?


What would you say to another husband/dad/man thinking about using cloth diapers?

Suck it up and have an open mind.

That's my husband--honest and to-the-point. He's fun. (Oh, and an amazing father and wonderful husband, while I'm throwing out compliments.)

I'm so proud of him for sucking it up and having an open mind.


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