Cloth Diaper Organization in the Bathroom

bath room prefolds + covers organization

I loved our original diaper changing table as it was set-up in our previous home. A year has passed and since then we've moved, I've quit using the changing table (due to our baby growing), his poop needs to be flushed down the toilet (now that he's eating solids and no longer exclusively breastfed), and we have less space now (the kids share a room).

Our diaper supplies are now stored in the kids' bathroom, and diaper changes are done wherever I find a comfy spot on the floor. We use most of the same products (covers and prefolds), but have changed sizes (size 2 covers and large prefolds) and changed where we store them.

Here is our current cloth diaper set-up...

bathroom cloth diaper pail and baking soda shaker

1. Baking soda, diaper pail, pail liner, and baking soda in glass shaker.

The diaper pail resides beside the toilet where we can easily toss dirty diapers after the poop has been swished flushed down the toilet. We are still using our original Planet Wise Pail Liner in the same ol' small kitchen trashcan. We don't cover the diapers, but I do move the pail to our bathroom or the shower when we have lots of company (so as not to gross anyone out). We also have baking soda in a glass shaker to be sprinkled in the pail as needed. Pail liner is washed with diapers.

diaper rash cream and prefolds in bathroom drawers

2. Diaper rash cream, and small (GMD yellow-edge) prefolds.

We're still using California Baby diaper rash cream. It clears up the first sign of diaper rashes (which, so far, is all we've had), we've had no issues with it washing out of the diapers, and it smells good.

We've put away our newborn (GMD orange-edge) prefolds. We've continued to use the yellow-edge for the small amount of protection our preschooler needs at night. I'm finally looking into cloth pull-ups for her, and will put away the small prefolds for future use or selling.

storing cloth diaper covers, wipes and snappi in bathroom drawer

3. Diaper covers, cloth wipes, and Snappis.

We now have 4 Thirsties Duo Wraps (sz 2), a Rumparooz (one-size), and a Flip (one-size). There's usually one airing out on a corner of the bathroom counter and one on baby, which rotates at each diaper change. If the cover smells strongly of pee or poop, it's tossed in the diaper pail and a new one is brought into rotation. Ian has turned into a little poop machine since he started solids and weaned, so lately these 6 covers last a little more than a day. (Ridiculous, I know!)

We are still using our original 45+ baby wash cloths that we use for wipes, which get thrown in the diaper pail with the dirty diaper. We wet them in the sink as needed, and 2 can clean up even the messiest of diapers.

large GMD brown-edge prefolds in bathroom drawer

4. Large (GMD brown-edge) prefolds.

We have 18 large (GMD brown-edge) prefolds in rotation. We run out of covers much sooner than we use up the prefolds. I have medium (GMD red-edge) also in rotation, that I bought to see if we needed to use medium. We've been fine skipping from small straight to large. (Possibly also because we didn't use cloth for a couple months while we moved/were homeless, which was when he might have needed them.)

used cloth diaper cover airing out on bathroom counter

5. Used diaper cover ready for next use.

If the prefold was only wet (and the cover doesn't stink, which can happen if wet for too long), then I set the cover on the counter and use it again at the next diaper change. If the diaper was poopy or the cover stinks at all, then it gets tossed in the dirty diaper pail and a new cover is brought into rotation at the next change.

Cloth Diaper Storage: Bathroom vs. Changing Table

Our system has remained mostly the same, except mixing up our organization to fit changes. Moving the supplies to the bathroom was a great choice after Ian started solids (perfect timing with our move, too, where the kids now share a room). It's easier to have the pail in the bathroom for when I'm done swishing the diaper. While he was exclusively breastfed (when the poop could go in the washer), I loved having the pail by the changing table.

As I mentioned, not much has changed with our supplies other than moving up in sizes. Overall, still loving keeping it simple.


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  1. This is great! Thanks! Two questions- do you put the baking soda in the pail liner (with or without diapers) or just in the bottom of the pail when its empty? Also- you mentioned using the prefolds for the small about of protection your preschool need at night. What do you put on her at night? Thanks!

    1. I sprinkle baking soda into the pail on top of the dirty diaper, especially if the diapers are particularly smelly. When we used prefolds on my preschooler, we tried a couple things and eventually just used the size 2 Thirsties Duo Wraps over a prefold. They had the best protection for when she was having full-out accidents. A pull-down option would have been nice. But we used what we had, and because it was just at night, us having to put it on her wasn't that big of a deal.