How to Change a Cloth Diaper | prefold, snappi, cover

How to Change a Cloth Diaper // prefolds, covers, snappis

We're now finishing Day 3 of cloth diapering, and I am loving it! For those that have been doubtful or otherwise curious, here's our diaper changing process. Just an opportunity for me to show off our cute chunk and the sweet diaper covers, and of course revel in the fact that I am actually following through with it.

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Cloth Diaper Change
newborn prefold, snappi, thirsties diaper cover

Prefolds Cloth Diaper Change

1. Set the stage, unsnap diaper cover.

Diaper's dirty, a couple baby wash cloths are wet and ready for wiping, and clean prefold diaper and diaper cover are in place. The diaper cover shown is a Thirsties Duo Wrap with snaps. They also come in velcro-type closure.

Cloth Diaper Change // prefolds + covers

2. Remove dirty prefold diaper.

The cloth part of the diaper shown is an newborn prefold. It is removed. We use wet baby wash cloths to wipe, then set dirty wipes inside dirty prefold. And, of course, cover private area to prevent spraying. (Yes, despite stories from moms of boys, I learned this the hard way.)

How to Change a Cloth Diaper // prefold, snappi, cover

3. Fasten clean prefold diaper.

Instead of diaper pins, we use a Snappi to secure the prefold. There are a variety of "folds" to do, but we are fans of the angel wing fold (shown).

Prefolds + Cover Cloth Diaper Change

4. Snap clean cover over prefold diaper.

The cover shown above is a WeeHuggers which is no long in distribution. Once cover is secured, be sure to tuck in prefold around legs and tummy so no white cloth is showing (that would cause some serious leakage).

Changing a Cloth Diaper

5. Toss dirty diaper in pail, allow cover to air out if not soiled.

Use the removed cover to toss dirty diaper and wipes into dry diaper pail (a basic trash can lined with a Planet Wise pail liner). While baby is exclusively breastfed, there is no need to rinse poopy diapers, and we had no issues with stink while doing this. Seriously. (See what to do with a poopy diaper if baby is not exclusively breastfed.) Old cover is laid over edge of changing table for next time. If cover smells at all or is otherwise soiled, it's added to diaper pail to be washed.

I also often sprinkle in baking soda with a shaker. This helps absorb odors.

Cloth Diaper Change

Baby is dressed and happy in a clean cloth diaper.

Baby dressed, dry, and happy :) Initially, the bulk was the only negative aspect I could even begin to complain about and that's pretty trivial compared to the benefits.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I have been wondering about cloth diapering and how that's all done. Keep posting! :)

  2. Ashley Birth2/1/12, 3:49 AM

    Jess told me to start reading your blog. I want to do the whole cloth diapers and only breastfeeding thing. I will have to talk to you more when I get back to Lincoln at the end of Feb. You make it look so easy I am sure I can handle it!

    1. Yes! You could handle cloth diapers! So glad you're considering it :) And let me know when to congratulate you ;)

  3. How have you dealt with the bulk? New to cloth and didn't plan clothes around it. Yikes:)

    1. Bulk wasn't as big of an issue as I feared. Maybe because I put my kids in a lot of sweats and stretchy clothes :) And going a size bigger helps.