Cloth Diaper Practice... on George. Are you curious?

prefold and cover

With just 10 weeks (hoping less!) of this pregnancy left, I'm starting to... wonder about (trying to avoid the term "doubt") our ability to follow through with the whole cloth-diapering thing. Despite my usual afternoon lethargy, napping didn't come and thus was replaced with practicing putting on a cloth diaper--George, my lucky volunteer. As a curious guy himself, I don't think he minded.

gerber prefold, thirsties duo wrap size 1, cloth diaper, curious george

We're going with covers and prefolds/inserts. We're loving the Flip stay dry inserts that we've been using with Brylee, but they're pretty big and would be far too bulky on a little infant--especially a newborn. So we're starting with prefolds. I'd like to eventually go the trifold route, but based on reading experienced opinions will start with a basic fold, which, looking at this how-to of the basic fold, I did backwards. Good thing I'm practicing on George.

gerber prefold, cloth diaper, curious george, thirsties duo wrap

This is where diaper pins or a snappi come in, which we don't have yet. It seems like the cover could keep this basic folded prefold in place. But what do I know. The prefold shown is a Gerber, which we won't be using on baby. They're nowhere near as absorbent, which means they probably won't fold as easily as shown.

curious george, baby clothes, cloth diaper

And of course the diaper needed to be completed with an outfit. Okay, this is where I may have crossed the line of sanity. I blame the pregnancy.

Excited to finish getting our cloth diaper essentials (prefolds and Snappis), and ready for baby!


See a real cloth diaper change >> here.


  1. Love it! So glad Brylee knew at 6 months that she needed George in her life...she also knew that her mamma would need him too! And the outfit is so cute...will baby boy Cress ever get it back?

  2. Ha ha! Brylee was more like 10 months when you put that George in her life ;) And George was stretching out Baby Boy's socks, so I undressed him right after the photo. But in trying to put together this outfit from our hand-me-downs I realized we need boy clothes!

  3. that is too cute for words. Good job getting in some practice before it's "game time".