How to Change a Cloth Diaper | trifolded prefold, cover

how to change a cloth diaper

I can hardly believe over 10 months have passed since we started cloth diapering Ian. And we're still going strong! Three days in, I posted How to Change a Cloth Diaper with a snappi and prefold. Since then we've gone up a couple sizes to the brown-edge (large) GMD prefolds, and we've moved on to Size 2 of the Thirsties Duo Wraps. We temporarily ditched the Snappi and trifolded the prefolds, laying them in the cover.

Here's how to change a cloth diaper with a trifolded prefold...

trifolded prefold, cloth diaper, pul cover, baby wash cloths, cloth wipes

Stage is set.

Diaper (a Rumparooz one-size cover and red-edge/medium GMD prefold) is dirty. Clean diaper (a brown-edge/large GMD prefold trifolded in a Thirsties size 2 Duo Wrap) is in place. A couple wet wash cloths (that we use as wipes) and cloth diaper-safe diaper rash cream are at the ready.

prefold, trifold, diaper change, cloth diapers, GMD brown edge

Dirty diaper quickly replaced with clean.

You might notice there's a few less photos showing this process. It is amazing how feisty a little guy can be when his diaper needs changed! Dirty diaper is set aside with used wash cloths set inside (pictured below). The clean, trifolded prefold is pulled up and, because it is larger than necessary, I fold it down a little to fit below his belly button (this also helps add extra absorbency where he tends to wet the most). This only works if poop is solid.

dirty diaper, cloth diaper change, trifolded prefold, blue thirsties duo wrap cover

Cover snapped around prefold.

Ian is now in a Thirsties Duo Wrap size 2 fully unsnapped. I'm curious what happens as he gets bigger, but it seems there's still room for him to grow into it length-wise. I check to make sure prefold isn't sticking out of cover, but that doesn't happen often when trifolding.

Dirty diaper "disposed."

There's a little more to this step now that Ian is eating solids (and no longer has water soluble exclusively breastfed poop), so I will be covering this in another post. No more throwing all dirty diapers directly into a diaper pail to then be thrown directly into the wash. Poop diapers now need to be rinsed. Here's >> how to swish the poop into the toilet.

Update on Trifolding Vs. Snappi

I thought this would be easier, but I actually missed the leg gusset provided by a Snappi'd prefold. Trifolding often leaves a mess on the cover when there's messy poop, and easily gets twisted around when baby moves a lot--similar to an insert. Now we're back to using a Snappi as shown in this >> cloth diaper change. Only he's now in brown-edge prefolds and size 2 Thirsties Duo Wraps. But we're still using the same Snappi.

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