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Meet another cloth diaper user. Katie is a classmate from college that uses cloth on her handsome little guys, and a fellow stay at home mom. Keep reading for more about her experience using cloth on an older toddler and a baby.


Names and ages of your little cloth diaper wearers...

Noah-2 1/2, Kaden- 8 months

Cloth diaper system used...

Prefolds with covers

Why did you decide to cloth diaper?

When Kaden came around, I realized that we were spending a minimum of $80/month on diapers. I knew that wasn't going to work on one income so I decided to give cloth a try. I also love how much less waste there is in my house!

How long have you used cloth diapers?

Since February 1, 2012.

green thristies duo wrap, leg gussets

What processes or products have you changed from when you first started?

I started with the prefolds and stay-dry inserts for both of my boys but found that they were so bulky. Noah would walk around with his legs spread far apart and would complain of his diaper being "Too tight!" So I decided to forget about the inserts altogether and haven't had any problems. I also started with doing cloth diapers during the day as well as night, but found that my boys would wake up with horrible diaper rash in the mornings. I tried using the inserts only at night, but found that the best solution was to use the disposable diapers at night-time only and cloth through out the day. Problem solved!

What is your wash routine?

First I use my Diaper Sprayer to spray off the diapers. Then I spray my diapers with some Sol-U-Guard (an amazing stain remover from Melaleuca) and soak in cold water until I have enough diapers to wash. I then put all my diapers and covers in the washer and do a cold rinse cycle. I then wash my diapers and covers on Hot with some Rockin' Green laundry detergent. When they are done washing, I throw everything in the dryer on high heat. So far, no stink and no build up!

Preferred cloth diaper brands or products?

I love Rockin' Green laundry Detergent, All my Melaleuca laundry/cleaning products, Green Mountain Diaper (GMD) Prefolds, Thirsties duo wrap covers

green thirsties duo wrap diaper covers + prefolds

#1 reason you love cloth diapers...

I absolutely love not having all the stinky diapers all around the house and knowing that I always have diapers ready to use and don't have to run down to the store late at night. I also love the way baby bottoms look in them too!

Biggest cloth diaper challenge and how you get over it...

I would say that my biggest challenge has been managing my time. When you have two kids under the age of 3, life can very quickly distract you from things that need to be done. At first I found that I would go through all my diapers before doing a load of diaper laundry. That was just too overwhelming for me. I have found that if I do diapers once a day, things feel a lot more manageable. Also, I hate poopy diapers!! I think that is the one thing that I struggle with every day! After about a month or so of dealing with smashed poop in the diapers, I bought flushable liners to go inside. I LOVE the disposable liners! No more scraping diapers!

Your cutest cloth diaper or cover...

I love my Thirsties Blackbird print!

Money you've spent on cloth diapers so far...

$382.25 Not too bad considering that this is everything I need for both of my boys! Love the savings!!

For more from Katie, you can check out her blog: Mom in the Minority.


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