Snaps vs. Velcro-type Hook-and-Loop Cloth Diaper Closures

review of cloth diaper closures in snaps and hook-and-loop
Aplix or snaps on Thirsties Duo Wraps
Many diaper covers, all-in-one diapers, and pocket diapers either come with snap closures or with hook-and-loop Velcro-style closures (in brands like Aplix). Some diaper brands offer the choice between snaps or hook-and-loop closure.

What's the difference and how do you know what you'll prefer?

Here's a quick rundown of the benefits of each, the challenges of each, and why we chose snaps.

Snap Closures on Cloth Diapers

The Good: Snaps don't need special care in the laundry. They are more durable and thus tend to last longer.

The Bad: They don't offer as much flexibility for getting a perfect fit. Snaps could potentially break.

Hook-and-Loop Closure on Cloth Diapers

The Good: Hook-and-loop closures offer quick and easy attaching. They create a fit similar to a disposable diaper.

The Bad: They tend to be a little more finicky in the washer (special washer tabs keep them from grabbing onto other cloth). They can wear out more quickly. (Ever seen one side of Velcro-style closures get fuzzy and no longer stick to the other side?) Babies and especially toddlers might more easily figure out how to unfasten diaper.

Conclusion of Snaps vs. Velcro-Style Cloth Diaper Closures

We chose snaps for their durability and low-maintenance through washing. After almost two years of use on everything from a newborn up to potty training, we've had no issues with getting a good fit from our diaper covers with snaps.

We haven't used Thirsties covers with Aplix (or a similar closure), to have a true comparison. But durability out-values convenience for us in this category, and we've been pleased with snaps on our covers.

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