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bestbottoms, thirsties duo wrap, cloth diaper cover review

It's awesome seeing more and more people I know using cloth! Not only is it new additions to the Prefolds Love Profiles, it's also a sign that cloth is slowly returning in popularity--this time as a choice.

Vanessa is another friend from college. When I was pregnant, I mentioned the idea of using cloth to my sister and she told me Vanessa and her husband were going to cloth diaper their little guy. Knowing someone else was convinced (and had convinced her husband) made the idea even more real and plausible to me. So, thank you Vanessa for leading me by example in this decision :)

Keep reading for more about Vanessa's experience with two in cloth!


Names and ages of your little cloth diaper wearers...

Ethan (2) and Connor (5months)

Your cloth diaper system and why you chose it...

Right now we are using prefolds with a variety of covers (Thirsties, Flip, and Best Bottom).

Why did you decide to cloth diaper?

Money, money, money, m-ahh-ney! (Singing "For the Love of Money" by the O'jays while saying this)

How long have you used cloth?

We have been cloth diapering Ethan for about 7 months now, and Connor for 4 months.

What processes or products have you changed from when you first started?

Right now nothing has changed, but I am starting to work full time in August. We may have to switch to pocket diapers depending on our daycare options.

What is your wash routine?

When I change the dirty diaper I make sure to rinse it well right away, then it goes in the dry diaper pail. After 2-3 days, it's wash time! While Adam is giving the kids a bath, I gather the diapers, covers, and wet bags to wash. We have a HE top-loading washer, so I try to expose the diapers to as much water as possible. We use prefolds which are more forgiving then synthetic fibers.

Here is our routine:
- Presoak on COLD with a rinse
- Wash with All: Free & Clear on HOT with an extra rinse
- Throw in the dryer for 50 mins or line dry in good weather

bestbottoms, thirsties duo wrap, cloth diaper cover

Preferred cloth diaper brands or products...

I love my Thirsties covers! If I could start again, I would just have those covers.

#1 reason you love cloth diapers...

I love that I am saving money and that I am doing something good for the environment. It hasn't been a big change to add cloth diapers to our lives. But is has changed us into being much more conscious about our lifestyle decisions.

Biggest cloth diapering challenge and how you get over it...

Biggest challenge? Getting my husband on board. I tried cloth diapers with my first son, Ethan, but we had a bad beginning experience. My husband, Adam, said "Ho finito" (I'm finished) and we were done.

THEN we found out we were expecting another blessing. Ethan was 19 months when Connor was born and the thought of spending $80 or more on diapers a month gave me a hernia. It took most of my 2nd and 3rd trimesters to convince him, but I did it!

Poop is a pretty big challenge too. I love my diaper sprayer!

Your cutest cloth diaper or cover...

My "Hoot" Thirsties cover.

Money you've spent on cloth diapers so far...

Around $400 for both...I think? We bought both used and new, so we ended up saving a lot that way! I might need to buy additional cover since both of my sons are super-poopers.


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  1. Peter's poo has officially changed and I think I need to invest in a diaper sprayer. I've come this far.... cloth for 7 months; no turning back! But the swishing and flushing isnt' cutting it for our little pooper :) Keep you posted...

    1. Hope you find something that works! If needed, take a short break so you don't give up entirely. You can do it! :)