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We have a new addition to the Prefolds Love Profiles!

Nicole was in the class ahead of me at the high school we attended in Georgia. More accurately, she's my sister's best friend, so we've gotten to keep in touch some since high school. We've recently started talking through Facebook about cloth diapering. I never knew the friendships that could form from choosing cloth! Keep reading to find out more about Nicole's experience cloth diapering their little cutie, Brock.


Name and age of your little cloth diaper wearer...

Brock / 5 Months

Your cloth diaper system and why you chose it...

I use covers and inserts. I have a friend who uses this system, but I honestly chose it because that’s what Brandon (my husband) preferred. Pocket diapers seemed like unnecessary work (especially when you can’t reuse the cover), all-in-ones are too expensive. So, our options were prefolds or inserts. Brandon chose inserts.

Why did you decide to cloth diaper?

Initially? Money. After I started looking into it, I realized how many other benefits there were, and I was sold.

How long have you used cloth?

4 ½ months

What processes or products have you changed from when you first started?

I bought flushable liners to reduce the “yuck” factor. But, I realized they were a pain, not soft at all, and they actually made it a bit yuckier. With the liners, I had to pull it out to dispose. Without it, I don’t touch anything. I just turn the cover upside down and dump the insert into my diaper bin.

What is your wash routine?

I keep my diapers in a dry pail. Every 2 days (ish), I wash. I do a cold/cold prewash, then a hot/cold wash with detergent. I run a 2nd rinse on both of these. Then I dry on high. I like to hang my covers to dry, most of the time.

Preferred cloth diaper brands/products...

I use Thirsties Duo Wraps with Best Bottom inserts. I’m looking into other insert possibilities for when he gets bigger. I use baby washcloths for wipes.

#1 reason you love cloth diapers...

I love putting cloth on my baby instead of the chemicals of a disposable. But, my favorite part is the cloth wipes. Brock has really sensitive skin, and he breaks out after any extended period of using disposable wipes. Pretty much the only time we get diaper rash is if we aren’t using our cloth wipes.

Biggest cloth diapering challenge and how you get over it...

My biggest challenge was worrying about other people’s “judgement”. People would always crinkle their noses and suggest that I was crazy to consider cloth diapering. Honestly, I just stopped bringing it up in most circumstances. But, if I do discuss it with someone, I try and explain that it is better than it used to be. The best way is always just to show them how easy it is. But, I basically just have to stop caring what other people think. I tell them how much I love it, that it really isn’t that bad, and then move on.

Your cutest cloth diaper/cover...

We have some patterned covers, but our favorite is just the simple brown one. It looks really cute on Brock.

Money you've spent on cloth diapers so far...

Just a little over $250, including laundry detergent. If you want to get really specific, our water bill has gone up $4-$5 a month, since Brock was born. But, that increase is from clothes laundry, as well.

You can learn more from Nicole at her blog: September Sweetheart.


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