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It's time to meet another cloth diaper user! Gigi is a friend from our church here in Nebraska. She is a crafty and creative mom, always inspiring me with the activities she does with her girls. Here she shares about her experience cloth diapering her two youngest, Abigail (Abbi) and Austin.


Name and age of your little cloth diaper wearers...

Abigail, 23 months + Austin, newborn

Your cloth diaper system and why you chose it...

Prefolds and diaper covers. Cheapest route and I didn't want to deal with the washing precautions when it came to pocket/microfleece.

Why did you decide to cloth diaper?

We lived in Berrien springs, MI for 3 years and a lot of moms there did cloth diapering. I always had a interest in it but I just didn't know if I could do it. I was the type that if poop got on their clothes I would throw it out. After seeing how much money we spent on Audrey for diapers and then with Abbi, I decided that with a third coming we needed to switch. So we switched with Abbi first so we were "prepared" for the little Austin. I couldn't stand spending that much money on diapers!! lol

How long have you used cloth diapers?

It will be eight months now.

What processes or products have you changed from when you first started?

I started with the cheapest brand, Econobums. I actually really liked it but definitely started getting more "high end" diaper covers. With Austin I decided to invest in sized prefolds and I love them. I did buy 2 pocket diapers, just to try something different but I prefer prefolds.

What is your wash routine?

I do laundry every 2 to 3 days. I use a hang up wet bag from planet wise. I start with a cold rinse, a heavy hot wash, and a warm/cold light wash. I use Seventh Generation detergent and haven't had any problems as of yet. I line dry my wet bag and my liners.

Preferred cloth diaper brands/products...

I do like the flip covers over the econobums. I recently bought some "imagine" covers from Nicki's Diapers and fell in love with them because of the fit and how cheap in price they are. With Austin I bought green mountain prefolds, thirsties, and some other new brands & LOVE THEM.

#1 reason you love cloth diapers...

$$$$$  & cute bums lol

Your biggest cloth diapering challenge and how you get over it...

Biggest challenge is probably getting people to accept or not be totally grossed out about it. And on lazy days sometimes I don't really want to do swishing of any kind but realize in the end its all for the best.

Your cutest cloth diaper/cover...

Thirsties owl print and kawaii's grey minky diaper (they look super cute but not my fav. as far as washing)

Money spent on cloth diapers so far...

about $240


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