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Cloth diaper users are growing in popularity. As I start seeing more friends comment about their conviction to use cloth, I get just a little bit more excited about it and get just a little more motivated to blog about it to keep the recruiting going. Here's an introduction to a friend of mine who uses cloth on her baby girl.

Krystle and I graduated the 8th grade together in Tennessee. She is a photographer, gardener and aspiring urban homesteader that inspires me in all of her simple, green, and intentional living endeavors. We get to enjoy some of her photography of her sweet girl as she shares about their cloth diapering experience. Enjoy :)


Name and age of your little cloth diaper wearer...

Cora, 8 1/2 months

Your cloth diaper system and why you chose it...

We chose to go the simple and cheap route with prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers, Thirsties Duo Wraps, and Snappi Fasteners. We also use a few homemade cloth diapers and cloth wipes that were given to us.

Why did you decide to cloth diaper?

We decided that it was important to cloth diaper so that we could reduce our waste, save money, and limit the amount of chemicals our baby is exposed to.

How long have you used cloth?

We started using cloth when Cora was 2 months old.

What processes or products have you changed from when you first started?

We haven’t changed anything. We have been very happy with the products we use.

leg gussets on mango thirsties duo wrap diaper cover

What is your wash routine?

I wash Cora’s diapers about every other day. I first put the diapers through a cold rinse. Next I start a hot wash cycle with a very small amount of natural detergent (homemade or Seventh Generation) and a sprinkle of baking soda. After the wash is complete I do another cold rinse cycle. Once a month or so I do an extra rinse cycle with vinegar.

What are you preferred cloth diaper brands or products?

I recommend the Green Mountain Diaper prefolds. They are very absorbent and prevent blowouts much better than disposables.

#1 reason you love cloth diapers?

Disposables just cannot compete with price of cloth diapering.

mango thirsties duo wrap diaper cover with snaps

Biggest cloth diapering challenge and how you get over it...

I change diapers slightly more often with cloth than I did with disposables because cloth diapers do not contain the absorption chemicals that make babies feel dry longer. This is also a potential benefit because when babies feel more wet they tend to potty train sooner.

What is your cutest cloth diaper/cover?

Some of the Thirsties Duo Wrap patterns are very cute, but we have stuck with the solid colors because they are slightly cheaper.

Money you've spent on cloth diapers so far...

We have spent a total of $238.75 on cloth diapers and other cloth diapering products.

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