The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011 | update

Getting cloth diapers in the Guinness Book of World Records
A quick update on the Great Cloth Diaper Change--an event to get the word about cloth diapers out by getting them into the record books. We attended the only one in the area in Altamonte Springs, Fla.--put on by a local cloth diaper company.

(Interesting side note: We don't have any walk-in cloth diaper stores in the area. The one that put this on, Baby Bottoms Boutique, is a local online cloth diaper store. I'm only a little bummed I have no place to go see and feel the actual products, but mostly surprised. Orlando area is huge!)

Baby Bottoms Boutique (and whoever else was involved) put on an awesome event!

The point is to get together and change our baby's diapers at the same time as thousands of people around the world to make a Guinness record of most babies changed into a cloth diaper at the same time. Baby Bottoms Boutique went above and beyond for this get-together.

kid portraits by photographer in altamonte springs, florida
portrait of the kids by pretty pix by ali p
There were delicious treats, face painting, portraits by a local photographer (the three photos in this post are from Pretty Pix by Ali), a quick baby signs lesson, an egg hunt, great goodie bags, and awesome giveaways. (I won a Moby wrap and a baby boy gift basket!)

If they decide to repeat this event next year, I recommend looking for a host in your area. Even if not everyone else goes all out on these things, it's such a cool experience to be in a room full of cloth diaper users. Instead of odd looks, there were conversations of people passing tips about things like cloth wipe solutions. In real life! Imagine that.

cloth diapering moms from Altamonte Springs / Orlando area

The photo above is our group after we all changed our babies into cloth diapers. Ian and I are kneeling in the front row at the far left :)

charlie banana: good-bye disposable, hello cloth

See Ali's candids from this event >> here and kid portraits >> here.

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