Baby Doll Cloth Diapers

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Along with loving cloth diapers on baby, I love that big sis gets to learn about them too. We don't always talk about it and she hasn't asked a ton of questions. But they're normal to her, and I love that.

It was also fun to pull out a newborn prefold, a size 1 Thirsties Duo Wrap snapped down, and a Snappi for her to play with on her stuffed animals. How's that for teaching them young?

Take it one step further (especially for dolls too small for newborn cloth diapers already in your stash), and you can make your own cloth diapers for your toddler's (or big sister's) doll. Check out Debbie's doll cloth diaper tutorial on her blog

Seriously, how cute are these baby doll diapers?!

Does your little play with cloth diapers?


PS, you might notice I'm still settling into a posting routine here. I haven't quite settled into the when and how often (so far once a week on Thursdays) and what (i.e., giveaways on the 4th Thursday, and a "just for fun" post when there's a 5th Thursday). I'll keep you posted when these are more settled so you know what to expect and when.

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