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Today, I introduce you to Maria from Although, because I'm new in the cloth diaper blog world, you've likely heard of her before you've heard of me. She maintains a great giveaway roundup, keeping you in the loop of lots of awesome current cloth diaper related giveaways. Check out the giveaway linkup here.

She shares lots of other cloth diaper related posts on her blog. I asked her to share about her experience with prefolds--she's used them in a different way than I have.

And now, I give this post over to Maria...


I can't help but chuckle at my 2009 self. Back then, I was intimidated by prefolds. Now I have origami folded flats, have even used pins and all! I love prefolds, from the standard cotton to luxurious hemp and bamboo.

prefolds, boingos, snappis (guest post by maria)
No pins are necessary to use prefolds--grab a snappi or Boingo, which grip the prefold with "teeth."
I think one of the easiest ways to use prefolds is as an all-in-two system or as pocket diaper stuffing. In fact, since I discovered Geffen Baby in 2011 (I work for them now too!), a M/L hemp jersey prefold has been my go-to night time diaper for my heavy wetters. Trifold, stuff in the pocket and you're done.

I find that the prefolds are much easier to get clean than a very thick night time insert, and they are far trimmer than a bunch of inserts. (I ended up with leg-gap from putting so many inserts in the pocket!)
Most prefolds are 12-16 layers when trifolded, so they are an excellent alternative to pricey, multi-layer inserts, and often have far more absorbency as well.

Have you used prefolds in pocket diapers?


Thank you for sharing, Maria! Prefolds do seem like a great affordable, low maintenance insert to stuff inside a pocket diaper.

Remember to check out Maria's giveaway linkup each week to see the new things around the web to win!


  1. I received a couple prefolds from a WAHM with a pocket diaper I won, but I didn't really know what the benefit was to using them instead of a regular insert. This makes sense and my MIL is trying to convince me to make my own!....gotta find the right material though;)

    1. Glad Maria's post could help :) Would love to hear if you ended up making your own!