The Prefolds Love Story
Hi! My name is Trina, and this is my content lil family: Daniel (my main man), Brylee (our girly), Ian (our middle guy), and Oliver (our baby). We are works-in-progress in simple, intentional, and green living.

Our Yuck to Love Story...

I started researching cloth diapers Spring 2010. I was pregnant with our second child and received a Mothering magazine with a thorough and convicting article about cloth diapers. I wanted to do it, but was still stuck in my initial "yuck" response. But what about poop?

I scoured whatever existed about cloth diapers on the web at that point (now there's lots more!), and visualized the whole process from diaper change to poop-swishing to washing. It suddenly didn't seem so bad, and I began working on convincing my husband by walking him through the same process. Although cost comparisons of cloth vs. disposable were his most convincing persuasion.

We started using cloth Fall 2010 on our then-2-year-old for naps and night. We quickly went from "yuck!" to "love!" A few months later, January 2011, we got the love for prefolds when we used cloth full time on our not-so-little newborn.

I took photos and posted all about it on my personal blog.

The Start of Prefolds Love...

April 2013 I did my blog readers a favor and transitioned all of my cloth diaper posts from my personal blog to here on Prefolds Love. ("Prefolds Love" is a term I learned on a cloth diaper forum from people who use and love prefolds cloth diapers.)

Summer 2014 welcomed our third baby and a rather crazy season of our lives. After less than a month of cloth diapering him, my sanity needed to let something go, and unfortunately that something was cloth diapers.

Even though we no longer use cloth, and have even left the diaper-stage for good, I still think fondly of our time using cloth diapers. I also believe everyone should at least learn about cloth before completely ruling it out as an option.

So, this site will continue to remain available as a resource for those learning about cloth diapers and especially the prefolds and covers diapering system.

Happy cloth diapering!


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